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Removing moisture?


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Probably a daft question, but , would it be beneficial to keep a couple of silica gel packs in my sax case?

I know that a damp sax is a bad thing but can it be 'too' dry?
I have loads of these little 1/2 square silica pouches kicking about so thought they could be pressed into service rather than the bin.

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Give it a wipe out with a pull through or a tickling stick and leave it on the stand for a while to air dry. I can't see the silica gel packs doing much good in a case that's not airtight and opened regularly.


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Depends on the humidity where you live. Out here on the prairies in western Canada, the humidity is really low during the frigid winters; below 30% generally. I keep a humidity gauge in the basement.I'm worried about fret sprout in my guitars. In fact, I run a humidifier in the basement in the man cave and upstairs in our one-story (storey?) house. Spring and summer for the past half-dozen years have been a lot wetter than we've been used to. But of course, you folks in the UK would consider it a dry spring or summer. However, The humidity in the basement does get up to 60-70% when we've had rain. When I get up in the morning, I'll go down into the basement and turn on the dehumidifier. In an eight-hour day, it can suck several litres of water out of the air. When I turn it on, the reading may show 60-70% humidity. Eight hours later, the humidity will be down to 35%. When there's been no rain for a week or so, the humidity level will stay in the 35-45% area.

That's my solution to the humidity problem.

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Get the CaSLM Dri Sax case. When you've finished your practice or gig. remove mouthpiece and place your instrument in the Dri Sax case. Plug in to the mains, 108-240 volts 50-60 Hz or your car cigarette lighter socket, and dry, warm air will be lovingly blown through and around your instrument.

We are working on a cycle dynamo version but going up 25% hills is difficult.

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