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Removing Buescher snap pads

the inside of the pad cup has a button<like on a coat> There is a corresponding snap in the middle of the pad. This looks like a very small resonator. Gently pry this.

You can repalce the pad with a new pad that has/had a plastic resonator. Just remove the resonator from the new pad and reuse the old reso/snpa from the odl one.

If the pad cup is in good alignment you are good to go.
Something else I thought of:
-Since you likely do not know the entire repair history of your horn....being from the 20s and that.... You may encounter glue. If you do you will need an alchohol burner....Gently heat the outlside of the pad cup and the pad will fall out<this is after you removed the button>.

The glue with either be stick shellac or hot glue.

I believe cybersax.com has some great articles on snap pads.

Good Luck.

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