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Mouthpieces Refacing an STM?


Woodbridge, Suffolk
Hi all,
this is also part of an ongoing process of restoring one of my saxophones- im currently looking for tips on another thread about stripping the lacquer.

I also think i may have posted about this before- but i forgot what the general feedback was.

Basically, i've decided to start breaking up an extensive collection of mouthpieces- some have been sold already- including an original Slant Sig. Florida Tone Edge (i'm regretting that decision now)
but im left with an original STM which i just dont think i could have the heart to sell it.
It needs re-facing and a lick of Lacquer.

I've tried a few people (freddie gregory and the people at dawkes) and the reply was that they dont work on metal.
Does anyone know anyone that could fix it up for me?

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