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Reeds Reed suggestions requested please


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I'm a relative beginner and have an Earlham Alto with it's standard ebonite mouthpiece which works well with Rico Royal 2 reeds.

I bought a Bari Gold 75 metal mouthpiece and can't get it to work well below A/G; it results in a burbling sound for most notes lower than this.

Any suggestions for perhaps a different reed for the metal mouthpiece?

I've also got an Earlham Tenor with ebonite and Otto Link 6* NY metal; both these work with RR-2 reeds.

I've also got bent (Sakkusu) and curved (Elkhart) sopranos and a Mauriat Le Bravo Bari (all with Yamaha ebonite and RR-2 reeds); quite happy with all of those. Did find the straight soprano a bit picky on the mouthpiece position I must admit, unlike the curved one.

Any suggestions?

Nick Wyver

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Doesn't sound like a reed issue. Have you checked the tuning with the metal mouthpiece?

A 2 reed on a 75 mpc sounds a bit soft to me but it should still work. Are you sure the sax is in good working order?


You call yourself a relative beginner but able to play tenor, alto and soprano?!....then, it seems you keep playing the same type of reeds on all of them: Rico 2.
Ok, my view is that maybe on the Alto you haven't tried much, other than the stock plastic mouthpiece which might have a relatively narrow tip opening - in other words, your chops aren't that well developed (simply because you keep playing the Rico 2 on a mouthpiece which can be played with a Rico 3 or 4. Keep trying the Rico 2 on your new Bari - if that doesn't work get softer reeds....bear in mind though that being too comfy t doesn't pay in the long term.


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Agree with Nick. SOunds like a leak to me - but you should experiemtn with different reeds/strengths once the sax is checked.

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