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Can't speak for that brand but you just need alto sax reeds.
Reeds in E Flat? I don’t understand?! What should I order for my Alto Sax?? I just wanted 1.5’s

They mean that the reeds are for an Eb saxophone, which in theory might mean Sopranino, Alto or Baritone or Contrabass.
But if you look on the box on the Amazon page you will see that they are for alto sax.
The headline states quite clearly
. . . Alto Saxophone Reeds . . .
and later:
Strength 2
If you're looking for strength 1.5 then they aint for you.
Get yerself some Rico's or Vandorens until you know what doing.

P.S. don't wish to appear "snotty" in my post but the alto is an Eb instrument in other words when you play a C on your alto it will sound Eb concert. Saxophones are so called transposing instruments. They all have the same "keyboard" but due to the length of the tube they produce different pitches with the same fingering. For instance a C fingering on a tenor sax produces a Bb concert. It may sound complicated and absurd 'tis in fact very sensible. Enjoy your journey - :cool:
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If only it was so simple. Different makes have a different strength for the same number. Different cuts blow differently for the same number. There's a bewildering array to choose from.
Definitely Eb for alto but as far as reeds go I think your best bet is to try different ones and see which ones you like best. It’s such a person’s preference thing but since you are the one playing only you can truly decide which you prefer.

I usually used Rico Royals in 2 1/2 to 3 strength but there’s plenty to choose from .
I taught band for over 30 years and saxophone private lessons for nearly that long. In my experience all 1 1/2 strength reeds do is allow you to make a sound without developing any strength in the muscles around the mouth that form the embouchure. All my beginning clarinet and saxophone students started on #2 reeds and most went to 2 1/2 in 4 to 6 weeks.
Right now I’m using to 2.0 Reeds.

So every alto saxophone is an E Flat?
Good to hear. Yes to your question. The key a saxophone is in is part of it's name: Bb soprano sax, Eb alto sax, Bb tenor sax, Eb baritone sax are the common ones. There is also a tenor in C called a "C-Melody sax"
I have never played on one, but they have a brand name the same as a Chinese made sax that has a terrible reputation for quality.
I looked at the ad and they are 20 for $13.00 making them $.65 a piece. Rico (a respected brand) sells 10 reeds for $26.00 making them $2.60 a piece. There must be a reason for the price difference, don't you think? ;)
Other than when they show obvious damage, when should I throw out a Reed?

Anyone found any creative uses for old Reeds?
Other than when they show obvious damage, when should I throw out a Reed?

Anyone found any creative uses for old Reeds?

My shower head kept slipping down the pole. I've had an old Alexander Superial (3 strength) shimmed between the shower head holder and the pole. Keeps the head in perfect position.

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