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Reeds Reed humidity cases

I have never tried to control the humidity of my reeds and I was looking at some humidity cases and wondering if these are worth it.

Check out David Sanborn. There is some YouTube vids of him at Vandoren when he talks about his reeds. I believe he uses a Bell Jar to keep his reeds in a vacuum.
I have the Rico reed humidity vitiliser thingy which I now use without the (expensive) inserts ie.its just a reed case. I found the reeds had a tendency to go mouldy even if in regular use - possibly exacerbated by the wonderfully damp Scottish climate! And the humidity control packs didn't last very long before granulating. So for the sake of moistening a reed for a couple of minutes before playing, definitely not worth the investment!
I've heard of players keeping reeds in a jar with water, and adding Vodka to stop the mould. When they go on a gig they put the wet reeds in a re sealable plastic bag.
lots of contraptions out there, cheap ones, with a sponge and some drying salts or expensive humidor-like wooden cases and some home made devices, included several jars containing various liquids.

It takes all sorts! If I feel that my reeds are too dry I soak them in water or even tea and then, at some stage I think they are past their useful life and I crack them in a swift movement, chuck them away and they are gone from my life.

There are only two types of reeds: good ones and not good ones. Some not good ones can be made into good ones, some can’t. They come, you select them, you use them and you throw them out. It’s the cycle of life.
After watching a YouTube video by Earspasm on the subject of reed maintenance I have adopted his system and currently keep reeds in a regular plastic case (Vito) or their own Vandoren individual plastic reed holder, and inside a zipper lock plastic bag with a Boveda humidipack 72%.
I have never been happier in my reed life. Reeds are ready to play with minimal wetting and no fussing with soaking and stuff.

I buy the humidipak from Amazon and it works out much cheaper than the overpriced rico equivalent:

Boveda Humidipak 8 Gram (Medium) 10 Pack 2-way Humidity Control 72% RH
Sold by: Boveda Inc
My OH, in a fit of 'I'm in a shop and need to buy something!', bought me a D'Addario/Rico reed case about three months ago. At the time I thought it was a waste of money, but I was wrong. You don't physically get much for your money, but my reeds now play much more consistently and also seem to last a lot, lot longer, too.
After a couple of years of using Plasticover I'm back to reedy reeds, kept soaking in a spirit of my choice, in a watertight container

It takes a few seconds of playing for the waterlogged tip to flick away the excess

Then they're off like a greyhound from the traps

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