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I bought the Black Diamond a few weeks ago. At first, I just used it to flatten the backs of the reeds in my rotation and it worked very well in that regard. Then I decided it would be good to learn to adjust other parts of the reed.

I watched Jay Metcalf's video and took a reed I had given up on. After some careful work, I tried it and it played great! Easy to control, my bell tones were easier to play and my sound was fuller. I used it on the reeds that I'm currently playing and it improved every one of them.

I realize that it is an expensive tool and these adjustments can be made with a knife, sandpaper or other tools. If you have that capability, save your money. But I'm not particularly handy with tools, so the Reed Geek makes it much easier for me.
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Having enjoyed more than half a century of building and fixing things I can get by with a swiss army knife.

However a tool that you use and does the job is never a waste of money. ;)


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Since getting these then another in 2 strength. Shaving etc has been turned into a thing of the past the 2.5's are stubborn SOB's.

They are good reeds, might want to disinfect em before and after unboxing lol.


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reeds will Likely last a bit longer using a reed geek or rolling the edge of a knife to act like a scraper. Less damage to the fibres as the cutting angle is better
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