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Reed Collapse


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Following on from the discussion earlier about how do you know if your reed needs changing....

I was playing my Bari this afternoon, just a bit of practice ready for our busking session tomorrow, when I turned the page to play the next piece notes, just a horrible squeaking.

It happened so suddenly that I assumed I'd caught or knocked something and done some damage, maybe knocked off a spring, causing a leak. I had a good look round and couldn't see anything wrong, so I decided to try a different reed. Everything played fine with the new reed.

Now, I couldn't believe that a reed could just "collapse", so I swapped back to the older reed and...nothing... swapped to the newer reed, and everything is fine.

This is a first for me, usually I get the odd sqeak or a less rounded sound and swap the reed out, but on this occasion, I had no choice. I've never had a reed just give up before.

Two Voices

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United Kingdom
A new phenomena in the dark arts of reeds >:) To be honest I've never played a reed long enough for that to happen.

BTW Good luck with your mammoth busk tomorrow (Hope the weathers nice).


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I've had it happen a couple of times. ONce I was at home and could change easily, second tim it was in a music lesson and I just had to loosen up and blow carefully. Otherwise I'd have wasted half the lesson cos I'd have got a ten minute discussion on reeds, after I'd put another one in.

Justin Chune

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The same thing happened to me once when I was trying out my free sample Internet Reed. It was playing fine until I went off to answer the phone and when I returned the reed wouldn't sound at all. That was the one and only time anything like that happened to me.


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