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I have seen a couple of videos on youtube which were recorded in a session filmed in Abbey Road for the Scorcese Blues documentary Red white & blues. I love cry me a river sung by lulu with a great solo by pete king, and have also seen a brilliant solo by Pete King but cant find that on there now (gggrrrrr...).
I watched the red white & blues documentary recorded from Sky Arts, and whilst there are some great clips from this session, they are mostly sliced and used as background filler whilst someone is being interviewed. Does anyone know if its possible to get the Abbey Road session on DVD as it was recorded? its too good to be just filler.


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HMV were selling off the 7 DVD box set of the Scorcese 'Blues' series a while back for £20 - bargain! (Thanks Nacho, it was one of his top tips at the time and I grabbed a set.)

This set forms one of the DVD's (The British Blues I think it's called)

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