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Not sure what to make of this but:-

I bought a mic (samson airlite 77 clip on and wireless) a few weeks ago along with an "M- Audio fast track (a box o tricks for getting your sound into a PC) which comes with ProTools SE software (on the box it says its for Guitar and vocals, could this be the wrong kit i ask?).

Now admittedly i am on a voyage of discovery here and don't know what the chuff i'm about, First attempts are very disappointing. Turned up the volume. Then second attempt i can hear it, but its VERY tinny. Now after several fiddles with settings im still very unhappy with it at all. Can anyone shed light on this? I dont quit know what to do. Did go back to sales chap (he seems fine) he seems to think i just do more fiddling with settings in software and all will come right. I however am not convinced as i have fiddled a lot already.




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Hey Dobson ...

I use the M-Audio fast track device you mention to good effect ...

It is for Guitar - but works fine for most instruments ...

To get it to work properly you will need to have the drivers installed - [once done this shows a round red circle with a less than sign in the bottom right hand of your screen] - That's the M-Audio Fast Track Properties sorted ...

Here is a screenie ...

Once you have this - install your Pro Tools light ...

After which you should be good to go ...

If you are still having trouble - swop to an alternative mike - just to test things ...

PM me if you are stuck ...

Cheers ...

EDIT: Just to add - Sound is output from the M-Audio fast track device - via the headphones socket ...

Not from your computer sound card - So either listen via headphones or connect this socket to your speakers - you will need an amp.
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It should be noted that a clip-on radio mic is not the best thing if you want to avoid tinninesss in recording. It's really meant for live gigs. However, if that's all you've got you'll get better results by positioning the mic a few feet from the instrument so you're not just picking up the sound from the bell.


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I thouhgt my music life should become easier with new stuff. I also bought a clip-on microphone the other week. Everyone told me that a clip-on microphone was "the thing". I still think my +30 years old SM 57 is great and better.

I plugged the socket into the small PA that I use to do with SM57. My clip-on microphone should be plugged into a mixer or a pre-amp!?!?! So now I can't use the small PA if I want to blow into the clip-on microphone. The only advantage with a clip-on microphone is that you can move around when you're playing. And the right distance between the bell and microphone.

And I also bought a recording kit (Röde) to use together with a computer. Nothing for me, so far ..... .

I guess the stuff is ok when I get used to it. But I play less sax nowadays because I spend more time in trying to make everything work!!!!


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I guess the stuff is ok when I get used to it. But I play less sax nowadays because I spend more time in trying to make everything work!!!!

Yep .. that's the Big Gotcha a lot of us fall into. I`ve P`d about with Computers and sound making since My C64 days in the early 1980`s and I`m still busking it for most of the time.

I use a version of Cubase that is 10 years old simply because I do not want to reinvest my time re-learning the technology and how to set the techy stuff up.

Steinberg should actually be applauded that their Old software still runs on Windows 7

Sometimes I think that a little sub-forum just for Recording and Computer sound stuff would be quite handy here.
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