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Recording with a ZoomH2N


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Hi I have just sold my sony recorder and bought a Zoom H2n digital recorder, I can record on to it and get it on to the computer, I want to edit and burn onto disc, I have wavelab 7 with it but find it a bit difficult! Can anyone recommend an easy editor and disc burner please?
You could try this:

I suppose you can do a whole lot more in Wavelab, but on the bright side, this one looks fairly easy. It even have an option to burn to CD.
Hi,just downloaded it, and tested it...GREAT! I did a recording with my Zoom H2n, saved it on compter,opened it in the free audio editor,did some editing,saved to a cd,tested the cd on my players around the house and it all works very well and..EASY! Just what I wanted. I can get rid of all my audio tapes now. This freebie is so much user friendly than the Wavelab 7 that came with the Zoom,thanks again I can get back to playing now and record something, then put it onto disc and also upload onto Cafe Saxophone, or facebook, or email the sound clips, hooray for digital!
Many thanks rudjarl for the tip. Have had trouble (forever) with using Audacity as I couldn't find a way to pan for final mix. This simple programme has a basic, but usable pan function that Audacity was lacking. I'm using a Zoom H4n so similar situation, but always using a plug in for the Guitar and microphone for the sax. Without the ability to pan it was always one instrument in each channel which isn't very lifelike or desirable. Good one and the price was right.
I'm looking to get a piece of kit for better/easier/portable recording, and the Zoom H2N seems to be very well-thought-of. For you folks who know, is it the best bang for this kind of budget? Fleabay seems to have Zoom H2's available that go for around £100, while the H2N is available around £150. Worth the extra £50?
I've got the H2. The H2N is an update. Biggest change as far as I can tell is that they've sorted out the short battery life problems that are a hassle with the H2, even when using rechargables. Good piece of kit, though.

Not sure about the 'N, but make sure you get the kit which includes the stand, mic stand peg, wind guard, transformer etc. It's a bit pricy to buy these later.

If it was me, I'd get the later model, depsite the price hike.
If it was me, I'd get the later model, depsite the price hike.

H2n arrived today! I've only had 20 mins or so to play with it but WOW! First impressions are that it flatters my tone wonderfully: far and away better than any recording of myself I have made up till now. I was beginning to fear that in fact my tone was worse (to a listener) than it seemed to me. Now I am re-enthused by how good the tone captured on the Zoom sounds.

Now that I have got this boost of confidence for my tone - all I have to work on is the tuning, the timing, the improv, the fingering, the memory, etc etc. Onwards and upwards!
great. Don't get rid of the recording keep it as a progress indicator and compare in, say, six months time.
Have taken my trusty new H2n to band practice and wow'd everyone with the ease of use and quality of recording. To the point where they are asking if I can use it to record a little concert we are planning in June.

They have had bad experience with trying this in the past in that their recording was spoilt by chatter from the audience (how dare they speak! :) ). Now while the H2n is pretty directional, I suspect that in a small venue with the audience relatively close by, it may need further shielding from noise coming from behind.

Any idea how this may be achieved? I was thinking of something as simple as putting the H2n on a chair with a cushion behind. Any other suggestions?
Hi all, found this thread really helpful. I'm currently awaiting arrival of a shiny new H2n but interesting to hear input from current users. Although I'm a complete beginner with the saxophone, only 6 weeks of ownership now and only just starting to commit 1 or 2 scales to memory, I'm struggling with the high notes on the octive key, so im going to make a few recordings for future listening to look for improvement as I am already aware of a clear difference so far.

Rgds Lee.
Keeping background noise limited is difficult and a pilolow behind the recorder only stops direct sound rather than eliminating all that's happening in the room. If it's a loud room (lots of echo) then the recorder will be picking up everything. Just depends on how loud they are compoared to you, and how close the recorder is to your group. Whoever/whatever is closest to the recorder will have an advantage and sound louder.

If it's important maybe you can borrow some gear that would make this possible using your recorder. You need microphones for each instrument and to send the signals to a mixer then plug this already miixed stero sound to the recorderr (not using the built in microphones). I have done this with the H4n, but don't have a H2n, so not sure if this is possible.

Best of luck.
Thanks bebobsop, got my H2n today and tried the free download works a treat, very quickly managed to transfer and save files.

PS, been playing about with recording settings and calculating how much recording time ill get on an 8gb card. I'm working out that on the highest quality settings WAV 96khz 24bit ill get around 3 hours before the card is full, however if I come down to 16bit ill manage around 5 hours.

So far a very impressive little devise.

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