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I'm in a bit of an unusual position. I am a classically trained professional musician (I trained at Guildhall, played orchestral double bass for many years, now I play steel drum professionally http://steelpan.co.uk ) who has for many many years harboured the desire to play the saxophone, specifically the baritone. I'd like to play all sorts of music but due to my classical upbringing am a nervous improvisor.

I have a Conn stencil bari which is ok but has issues so want to upgrade to a semi/pro horn this year and most importantly need a sympathetic teacher who will discipline my enthusiasm and give me a firm grounding in good technique. Also I need advice on what sort of horn I should invest in. I live in Brighton UK.

Any advice welcome please!
I am afraid I don't know any teachers down there but can recommend a Yanagisawa B901 bari. I bought one 10 years ago and gig it regularly. The only attention it has required was to re-cork the neck and it still plays perfectly - I can't say that of any other horns I have owned of various sizes and makes, including ones from all the other professional makes. More expensive horns from Yani, Selmer and Yamaha may have a bit more character to the sound but there isn't much in it; the B901 holds its own and as I say has served me really well. The only downside is that the case is beginning to fall apart.

The Yamaha baris also have a very good reputation and perhaps feel a bit nicer under the fingers than a Yanagisawa but I haven't personally owned one.

Maybe if you take a trip to sax.co.uk at Crowborough, it's only about 20 miles from Brighton (I think) and some of the staff live near you so they ought to be able to recommend a teacher. Good luck.
Julian Nicholas is a good teacher who really knows his stuff, Eileen Lawless used to be good but i've not seen her round the scene for a while... PM me & I'll send you over some leads

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