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Beginner Sax Recommended Saxophone Brands and why? (List)

you can get an Inderbinen tenor sax with Yamaha key work for under NZ$20,000.00...

I have to confess my ignornace and say that when I stated browsing the 'net for my first sax to buy, amd saw the name "Inderbinen", It thought is was a slang word for rubbish saxophones. My logic being that's where you'd put The "en" doesn't quite work though, I have to admit.
As for Keilwerths, I guess SX90Rs are safe to buy now if brand new but I ruled used ones out due to the tone hole lottery business, every sample a mystery - they didn`t seem to handle the issue very well over that which is a shame because it`s a lovely sounding horn . the ST90 is just a Chinese horn with an expensive price tag, probably the same as a buffet-400 or even 100.

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For Keilwerths, the safe serial numbers seem to be 126### and over. See addendum 08/01/2013 at

Regarding recommended brands for beginners, I second Trevor James. I still have my 1990 "The Horn" alto, and find it holds its own against intermediate models from both Trevor James (SR) and Yamaha (480).
It`s great to see preferred brands of budget sax posted but the wonderful thing today is that it`s not easy to get a totally rubbish new sax in the UK if bought through the usual channels , even the no-name chinese ones from Amazon such as Mistral, Mirage, Windsor etc will be better than the early horrors from China or even worse India in the late 80s and early 90s . OK they may not even offer the best value for money (this is where the likes of SMS Jerichos score) but they`ll likely be playable and even more so after a setup .

One great thing is that a lot of people when looking for cheap musical instruments dive on the net and land on Gear4music where they stand a good chance of getting something really decent for little cash . if G4M could Improve QC a tad (or at least weed out the real duds before dispatch) and pack better, things would be better still . wish G4M were about with this stuff in the early 80s when there was no money about .
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