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I know a lot of Cafesax members use :-
Woodwind and Reed Cambridge or Direct Reed.
But time after time they just provide very quick and polite service at competitive rates.

This month alone my orders on all occasions have turned up the next business working day AND my orders weren't placed till around lunch time /early afternoon the previous working day.
I'd be impressed even if they took another day. Of course that is domestic shipping rather than worldwide.

Why not list your good experiences with dealers in this thread.


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Had a really nice experience here

Absolute Music Solutions

Before leading anyone to get too carried away, this is recording gear, PA's, guitars & drums rather than woodwind.

But excellent none the less!
I find many of todays shop premises are so small (to keep overheads down) and rely quite heavily on internet sales.
That is indeed what I expected from this seller by looking at the website, just based on my recent experiences so I nearly didn't bother with a 65 mile round trip.
A bit like judging a book by the cover and this place was a nice surprise.....
Currently situated on an industrial estate which is OK but once inside,
very decent comfortable surroundings, so much on display and i believe in stock too (their warehouse is very close by).
They agreed to price match my items before I set off on my journey and once I got there, I found customer service excellent too.
I was shocked to hear that they are moving an even bigger place.
If I remember right the new shop space is supposed to be about 5 times bigger than this one with more personal booths to try your potential new toys.

A breath of fresh air all things considered.
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Always competitive and carry a very broad range of musical equipment from audio, recording, solutions for live situations, saxophones, violins, bass guitars you name it.....



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Just to add one in the northern half of the country
Good staff and know what they are talking about. Also on an industrial estate but you can go try thing out.. Once again though this is on the sound/recording side of things..


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Had good results with Thomann , a little dear but reliable and a good range.

If you know exactly what you want Amazon has some bargains. A bit faceless but click and it comes. Simple.

Had good service from Alan Gregory And Dave Ballard too


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I've been using this site

and found them very helpful with enough information on the site as well to help me make my own informed choices without feeling a foolish innocent

They respond quickly to email enquiries, and despatch is normally prompt and good delivery service, well packaged.

And you can earn points with each purchase to build up to a freebie
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