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Accessories Recommendations for Music Stands ?


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My Stagg music stand isn't up to the job of supporting my large ring binder of music. Threads have stripped on some of the adjustment/tightening screws and as a result the desk part swivels backwards and dumps everything on the ground or on the punters.

I quite like this style of black metal stand (like http://www.normans.co.uk/p-852-stagg-mus-a5bk-orchestral-music-stand.aspx?CAWELAID=98312088) as they seem strong, blend in well on stage and adjust to the right height for playing seated or standing. I can also take the desk part off and clamp a short mic support arm onto the vertical shaft thingy. But both the Stagg and the previous no-name stand have been a waste of £25 as they haven't lasted long.

What stand would you recommend ?

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I've got one of these.


I find it difficult to get enthused about music stands but it is cheap, pretty stable, shiny (if you like that kind of thing) and it dismantles into a small case. I am short of space as I use a small office as my music room so it's handy it can be made to 'disappear' when I need it to.

Can't say I have done that much looking around though.

It's a Stentor and cost me about £12
I use the RAT lightweight stand, with an additional shelf extender:
http://www.megamusicshop.com/produc...=p353_Music-stand-shelf-extender---black.html (couldn't find a better link but most shops sell them).

All clamps work perfectly, with a ratchet arrangement for head rake... perhaps a little light when playing outdoors, but it is light! (aluminium).. folds small into it's own bag

Stands only become important when they cause you grief out somewhere!
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The most important is that the note stand has a Drink Holder that hold any standard size drinking glass. The Ash Tray was also important, but not nowadays .... ;}

I use a Stag stand - it cost me about £30. It's been great - I throw it around and there is no sign of any wear or thread stripping - must be a different model.
It has a solid back plate - this is great if you has a single sheet and there is a strong light behind - and it is wide enough to just about get three sheets side by side, with some joggling. It is also stable enough that you can have a folder, several peices of music and a metronome on it. Haven't tried beer yet>:)
The vertical and feet poles are about 3cm in diameter and it collapses down to a reasonable size - limited only by the solid back plate.

I can't stand those flimsy collapsable things that fold down to fit in your back pocket (like in the picture above). They are unstable, too small to hold enough on and break all too easily. I see them as a safety risk to the horn as music falls off them so easily and you have to bend down to pick it up risking knocking you horn on something. There's nothing worse than try to walk past other musicians in a concentrated group when they have those flimsy stands - the number of times I have seen them fall and endanger an instrument.
If it isn't sturdy enough to fight back crowds of admirers clambering onto the stage then it is not fit for purpose ;}

Oh, and one other point, I am over 6 foot (and my eye sight isn't as good as it has been) and I had to search for a long time to find a music stand that doesn't make me stoop to read. I previously actually had to add a few centimeters to stand because I could't find one high enough.

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