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Really old Yani saxes (and players!)

Hi, I'm Mark and I'm from New Brighton, near Liverpool, UK.

I've returned to Café Saxophone after many years break - it's good to be back. I'm still not much more than a beginner, but I do now play tenor in a band (Geno, Mifnight Hour, Knock on Wood, Hard to Handle, It Must be Love, Can't take my eyes off you, Take me to the River etc.....)

I have several saxes, but my favourite is a late 60s / early 70's Yanagisawa T$ manufactured under the brand name Doardo, and probably originally sole in the US, it must have been imported to the UK at some point.

In the USA Yanagisawa also sold T4 and T5 models under the brand name Whitehall, possibly in the UK too.

I'm very interested in the history of these old Yani's which were essentially copies of the Selmer Mark VI.

My sax tech tells me that my T4 is one of the best Tenor saxes he's ever played. Mine was stripped and re-built a couple of years back, the action is brilliant and it has a warm tone when played with a hard rubber mouthpiece.