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Anyone used this? Any views or experiences?

I started in a sax ensemble last night run by my local council adult education college. The prospectus recommended it so it I bought a copy. The chap who runs the ensemble said he is going to use it a lot and we did a few basic numbers from it.

The preface and intro by the author say it is written for traditionally (I think he means classically) trained musicians who have difficulty reading jazz and "the text is designed to help you read jazz rhythm patterns accurately using idiomatic articulations". Each of 30 sections of the book develop various rhythm patterns with increasing complexity. There are explanations, exercises and a piece to play en ensemble, plus a CD. I get the feeling we will work on a few of the pieces rather than do all the developmental work together - the group is intended to help develop part playing skills rather than individual technique ( I have a good teacher for that anyway!).

Anyway I'd not seen this particular series mentioned before, so thought I'd ask views and alert others who might find it useful.

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