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Hi all i am reading play along Abersold vol 659four and more]ok example the tune "Four i am ok reading and playing up to the last bar. Then it goes on to the solo eg CA/ D/G7 ect now i am prety much lost how do i work out my solo[ from these i take it are chords].

One more thing please again using "Four i play up to the repeat sign: Then repeat but can someone tell me were do i play up to 2nd time round. Hope you can understand what i am asking please keep both answers seperate lol many thanks and i hope you are all well Tom.

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You play the first 12 bars through both times. Bars 13 to 16 are not repeated the second time you play through - you play the final '2nd' 4 bars.

As for the solo, I play tenor and don't have the Eb dots (nor your Aebersold version) but my book says first 2 bars in one key (that's F major for me), next 4 bars in Bb major but using a II, V7, I chord progression and then it switches at bar 7 to Ab major for 2 bars using a II, V7 progression. Then at bar 9 it's back to F major for 1 bar then F# major etc etc.

It's a big old subject and perhaps best explained by Pete on his site here.

It took me ages to get it but once it clicks you'll be fine. Then you just gotta keep working on it!
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