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Hi from Exmoor in the West Country, age 59(now 60...:shocked:) Returning to ‘serious’ playing after redundancy (I'm won't be working full time any more) Played to a good standard 25 yrs ago(Goldsmiths Wind/Big Band under Don Rendell. Saxaphone Quintet/Quartet under Roger Cawkwell(why oh why did I sell my Selmer Bass Sax) + various...then got married and it all stopped. But always interested and dabbled in electric ‘sax’ bought one of the Original Lyricons, then a WX7 and recently an Akai 4000S which has now been ‘swopped’ for a synthephone. Have started playing Baritone in our church band(Reading is rusty, fingers stiff but the 'sound' is there. Not a ‘jazz’ fan(too clever for me) but enjoy to play classical/rock(R&B/chicken picking/’shmaltz’ sax(‘Lurve’ Boots Randolph) Hope to put in my ‘two cents’ worth into the forum in the coming month


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Welcome back to the BR ~ worries about the hiatus, it's easier than riding a bike once you get your chops back ;)
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