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Saxophones Rampone R1 Jazz curved soprano


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Hi Thomas,

I have got the R&C Saxello (semi-curved, one piece) in gold plate and it's a nice horn with good intonation and a sweet tone. I find the action to be a bit "soggy", in contrast to my Yanagisawa which is really crisp.

Steve Howard looked it over and thought it very "Italian" in that it was lovely, but a bit slap-dash in terms of finish.

I have played the R&C curved soprano and really liked it. As nice as the Yanagisawa curved soprano, but different.

I know that the price of R&C horns has gone up recently, but this seems expensive to me. I paid close to half that about four years ago for my virtually unused R&C saxello in gold plate.


PS I thought I had problems with sax collecting, but I only have two straight and two curvies. At least they don't take up much room.
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