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Radio 6 music


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I am stunned at the BBCs proposal (unconfirmed as yet) to close Radio 6. It is the reason why I bought DAB, and is on almost all the time at home (unless Mrs D is one of her Chris Evans moods in the morning.....:() I don't know how many people on this forum listen, most of its output may be a bit "poppy" for some, but the diversity of music played is far wider than any other UK station, and no commercial channel would ever dream of putting out, for instance, 3 hours of archaic progrock every Sunday evening in Stuart Maconies "Freakzone"

Apparently the reasoning is that the BBC want to concentrate on quality over quantity. How they balance this against the wall-to-wall dross that is the BBC3 TV channel I struggle to understand.


The only radio channel I listen to is BBC4, and I don't watch any of their telly channels - I just pick what I want from iPlayer.

I agree most of what they put out is mind numbing. I imagine there'd be a perition you could sign against closing it.

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