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R&C R1 Jazz Tenor Sax

Chris Sax

Well-Known Member
Handmade italian tenor sax up for grabs, silver with gold wash inside bell.
Beautiful sax, I'm still playing on it . . But I think I prefer a more French sounding sax (selmer focus).

4 yrs old bought from cost over £3000 new.

Looking for £1650 (donation to charity from me).

In Glasgow if anyone wants to try out?

Woops, posted thread from my iPhone. Pictures to follow tomorrow once on laptop.


Some quick iphone snaps, will get some decent ones up asap
Hi Andy, sax still here. Inbox was full and haven't seen new messages. Had a clear out now if you want to pop me a message.

No damage to report, sax in great condition.
Hi Chris,
Don't want to seem to be pestering you don't know if private messages is getting to you, but yours isn't the only sax i'm interested in I'll need to make a decision one way or the other.


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