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R&B LP's


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Two unplayed LPs:

Joe Liggins - "The Honeydripper" (JukeBox Lil Records, JB-622 mono): One of the founding fathers of R&B. We can trace some rockfeeling on the song "The Honeydripper". Some says it was the first "rocksong". A song that also King Curtis recorded later on. The saxplayers in the band were Little "Willie" Jackson (alto and baritone sax) and James Jackson (tenorsax). No relationship.

Willis "Gator Tail" Jackson - "On My Own" ("Whiskey, Women, and ...." Record Company, KM-705 mono): One of the big R&B honkers from the 50's. "Later For The Gators", "The CAll Of the Gators", "Harlem Nocturne", "Try A Little Tenderness" .... are songs this LP. Willis Jackson is blowing a both powerful and soulfoul tenorsax. And you can also hear him calling the gators with the rare Conn-O-Sax!

Price £12.00 each + P&P. 5% to Pete Thomas Foundation.

I also have these LPs for sale here in Sweden.

The pictures of the LP sleeves are cut down. Good reading on both LP sleeves.


Two classic LPs- anyone into R&B who hasn't got thme should snap these up. The Willis Jackson, in particular, is a classic!
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