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Beginner Question on Dynamics....


Hi Guys, and now we have Saxy Sam too!

I am now getting into the p mf anf f markings, but am struggling to play quietly.

Is the technique to play softly dependant on the air column, or are you controlling the volume of sound with your throat and mouth shape?

I have no problem when I see the f marking, but hey the p is taking the michael at the moment.

Thanks for any thoughts...
Playing quietly p- piano, or even quieter - pp pianissimo will come with practice so keep at it. a softer reed can help some but at a price - your altissimo (high notes - palm keys and above) may be harder to obtain.

Its always a balancing act until your embouchure has developed and you have found the right reed strength that suits you.

obviously the harder you blow and attack the reed the louder you will sound so yes the sound is controllled by the amount of air you put into the horn.

Generally speaking changing the shape of your throat/mouth will not affect the dynamics but it will affect the tuning and overall sound of the notes you play.

Good luck and keep at it.
Hi Griff,

Thanks for your thoughts Griff, and I will keep at it!

I was wondering if you are up in London during the weeks of 20 or 27 December, I am coming over to London and if you are would very much like you to give my sax the once over.


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