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We almost did, but not quite. I like Bob Brookmeyer and did one of his pieces for Grade 4 Alto Sax - Jive Hoot! I guess the challenge for me is how to play trombone and look cool, as many trombonists seem to be a bit square to tell you the truth. BB seems to write some good stuff these days, and I like Dennis Rollins - trombone seems to work well when playing over some electronic, funk, or edgy backing, as if you need a rough surface to key in the smooth sounding trombone.

Anyway I can play the trombone part on Rudy, by the Specials, which is my current repertoire!:w00t:;}
I'll have to be less distracted by the other stuff on the box after PTPT (Post Trombone Playing Time, not a new mouthpiece by yours truly!)

Have a super day, OG!
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