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Question About Bundy Sax - Is It a Kielwerth?


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I hope this post finds everyone well.

I just picked up a vintage Bundy sax and am hoping that someone with expertise might be able to tell me more about it.

The serial number is 420786 and it says "bundy h&a selmer" on the side.

Is this a Kielwerth? I think it was manufactured circa 1965 but am uncertain. If it is a Kielwerth, assuming it's in playable condition with slightly thin pads, can anyone hazard a rough estimate of what it might be worth?

Any insight sincerely appreciated as I'm a noob.

Thanks in advance!
The only Bundys made by Keilwerth were the "Bundy Special", clearly engraved on the bell, they have rolled toneholes and the serial numbers are 5 digits, some are stamped "Made in West Germany" near the seria number!
But Griff is right, best to see pics!
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