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Pure Magic- Hi, I'm New To The Site

Pure Magic

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I saw Mr. Laughter's article "The History of Top 40 Saxophone Solos-1955-2005" posted on this site. So here I am, joined and everything.
I've been playing since 1987 and love playing Tenor Sax. It is my main axe. Right now I am playing on a 1950s Buescher Elkhart with Berg Larsen 110 metal mouthpiece. Jazz is ok but I like Rock n' Roll with a sax in it. I have a couple of bands I will be playing with at the end of this year as soon as my current job allows me to. Right now I practice to backing tracks.
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Welcome to the caff©, P.M.

Good job you didn't choose Pure Magic Time.



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Rock 'n' Roll eh? Good man! You can't beat a good bit of honkin' and howlin'!

Welcome to the site
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