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It's fairly incredible that so much music could be completed in such a short time, but even more incredible that the partnership is more like blind barter. Mike has a wonderful sense of humour in wanting to title the collection "My Impersonation of a Jazz Musician".

This body of work certainly deserves a good intent listen. There is much in here that goes well beyond standard playing and the commonly repeated Jazz licks that are all too familiar. Mike has a somewhat recognizable sound that I associate with mainstream, but doesn't play mainstream music. He's out there ploughing new ground and yet improvising his ass off at the same time.

Chris has given him a fairly big palate in which to paint these works. There's lots of musical sense here and a big arrow pointing towards ways in which we can improvise without sounding like rather dull copies of (name your favourite player).

Mike and Chris are the real deal and those of you with ears should recognise this and take note. You are hearing original music and some pretty flash improvisations that don't pander to preconceived notions of what jazz is (or isn't). These guys are looking forwards, but taking with them the history and development that made jazz what it was. Too many here are forever looking backwards.

If I were a jazz teacher I'd certainly be telling my students to listen hard to what's happening and try to emulate the freshness and integrity of what you are hearing.
Wade, this is a wonderful surprise my friend!
If you were a jazz teacher you'd be fired within the week for implementing anything I've done
into the curriculum!

Thank you very much!
Hey Wade, that is some review!! Many thanks( I've no money though)>:)

It's been a very enjoyable project with Mike,:DHe is one rather good sax player..:mrcool



John Talcott

We won't forget all your truly wonderful contributions. Your insight, skill, knowledge, support and humour made the Café a better place. Thank you jbtsax.

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