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Problems with sax


My sax was playing fine earlier, today I take it out after school and play it, and all my low notes are sounding muffled, like someone put a towel in the bell of the sax. I guess something happened to it in the case. Also's it squeaking more too.(which it never squeaks) All this happened shortly after I a started playing 3 strength reeds, I don't think thats the problem though. Normally the low b flat will sound loud, now it sounds quieter and muffled then all the other notes. I don't know what happened
Are you sure there's nothing in the bell?

Check that one of the springs hasn't popped off. Especially on the keys that are held closed by springs.

Also check that the keys are sealing properly, not bent.
Do you use a pad saver? i had this problem with my tenor one time, all it was was a tiny piece of fibre from the pad saver stuck on the low c# key pad.
Why have you changed to grade 3 reeds ?????
Of course, the obvious thing to do, is to try one of the old reeds and see if you still have the problem ;}
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i agree with johnboy,why have you changed to grade three reeds? this could, assuming there is nothing wrong with the sax itself, be what is causing the problem i would definitely try swapping back to the reeds i used before and see what happens

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