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Saxophones Pro tenor survey

Which make of pro tenor do you play (you may select more than one option)?

  • Bauhaus Walstein

    Votes: 4 7.5%
  • Borgani

    Votes: 2 3.8%
  • Keilwerth

    Votes: 3 5.7%
  • P. Mauriat

    Votes: 5 9.4%
  • Rampone & Cazzani

    Votes: 1 1.9%
  • Selmer (non-vintage)

    Votes: 4 7.5%
  • Yamaha

    Votes: 11 20.8%
  • Yanagisawa

    Votes: 9 17.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 10 18.9%
  • Vintage (all makes)

    Votes: 19 35.8%

  • Total voters
Gone back to mk VIs after a 4 year flit with an 82Z.

The 82Z has great intonation and ergs, is light and needs hardly any maintaining (all of these things are better than the mk VI, IMO), but it just hasn't got the lush resonance that the mk VI has.

I don't mind working on the other things to keep that toe-curling hum of a tone you get from a good mk VI.

(this may change when I finally get to try a Borgani...)
I don't think my horn could be classed as a pro horn, but,
She goes to some really sleazy joints! :mrcool
She's out after dark a lot! ;}
She's not good looking, but I feel so good when I get hold of her!>:)
She purrs when touched the right way!:blush:
She makes some absolutely filthy noises!:shocked:
And she's getting to the point where I'm throwing loads of cash at her!:eek:

Is that what you meant?
Sorry- but Ooo Errr Missis!
Martin tenors are the right saxes for me!! But I love all saxes.

Interesting about pro saxes. I often listen to great players who are on Conn Shouting Star (Mexico), Beuschers from the 60's ..... in other words terrible saxes. These players are real pros. They didn't make so much money, so they couldn't afford a Mk VI or anything in that style. I think the high prices on Mk VI are sat by players who are not living on their music!?!?!

I prefer plastic, stones, coins, brass "pearls" to M.O.P. It's the same with piano keys. I don't want real new ivory when you can have plastic .... . Maybe it's time for "eco" and "fair trade" saxes? So when my Martin saxes are done, I wan't them recycled. BTW. The rumour says that 'The Martin' saxes were made from ”left-over brass howitzer shell casings” from WWII.

Off topic again.

121K Mark VI - I just love the sound, the way it plays, the feel of it, it's in really good nick, it's solid as a rock, there's not much more to say about it.
I can't say I've tried most of the brands listed, but since I obtained my old Yani T880 I haven't been motivated to look at anything else. There may be much better things out there, but they would probably be wasted on me!
Define vintage?

Couesnon (other)


Conn Chu Artist's Special (other / vintage)



But, I mean were never going to part with them, did'nt you do a part -ex with your 'grandmother' thrown in for one(can't remember the model) Mauriat..??..;)

I thought as a member i could contribute to this survey without snide remarks....survey is what Tenor you playing...answer System 54...... Simples yes.if you want the rest then Mauriat 76 soprano...Yanagisawa alto....System 54 Baritone......dont part ex grannies.
Depending on what the gig is, I play on either my Selmer "Super Sax" (also sometimes called "New Big Bore" or simply "SSS" for the stamping on the bell); or on my Selmer Modele 26. On the super, I am blowing on an Otto Link New York 6*with Phil Rovener's ligature, and on the Modele 26, I am using a Guy Hawkins 9 with the Hawkins ligature. With both mouthpieces I play on La Voz soft reeds, which I usually rush down a little.

The 26 has a huge sound, and is very free and easy blowing, but sounds a little thin when playing subtones. Because of the small bore, it is not well-suited to concert band playing at all, but I love it for big band and small group work. My only complaint with it is the lack of a high F bis key makes altissimo work a little awkward.

The super sax is the first sax I ever owned (I bought it in 1959 from the original owner), and the horn I learned on. I modified it by drilling and tapping the F key bar to make the G# and upper stack hold-downs adjustable, like the mark VII horns. My only complaint with it is the G# key is not positive, and sometimes sticks when the humidity is extreme.
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