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For Sale Pro-Tec Contour XL Tenor Saxophone Case

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Pro-tec Contour XL Tenor Case

This is the Extra-large Contour Pro-tec tenor case that fits Large American tenors like the Martin Comm III, the Buescher Big B, Conn, and other tenors with left side bell keys, split bell keys & big bells. I carried both my 1945 Comm III and 1943 Big B in it, and they fit perfectly, snugly, & their necks fit in the neck section and a mouthpiece in the section for that. It has a roomy outside zippered pouch with a zippered pocket within it for mouthpieces, reeds % other accessories. It's one of the sturdiest sax cases on the market and has the strength to protect your horn against damage with normal use.

Both the interior and the exterior of this case are clean and free of any kind of stains, rips, tears, or damage. More importantly the interior does not have any old-sax odor, but in fact smells quite fresh like it did when I bought it even though it is not new. The zippers to the case and the outside pouch work perfectly and the carrying straps, the shoulder strap and the Velcro closures are in good condition. The attached photos show exactly the shape this case is in and how a Marin Comm III fits in it.




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