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Praise for Griff

Paul Warner

Teignmouth, Devon
Just got to say it again. Seldom met a tech` more obliging and helpful. Just took him my newly acquired YAS62 `purple logo` and he did a superb job on setting it up properly with me in attendance. Very entertaining, rewarding and informative afternoon. And the cost was V. reasonable too.
Got a prob....go see Griff, our man in the west! (and elsewhere)

Young Col

Well-Known Member
Coulsdon, London/Surrey
Indeed Paul. One of the "elsewhere's" is up this way way, and while I would never denigrate the good techs in other parts of the country, round here some of us wouldn't go to anyone else!

old git

Tremendous Bore
YC and his lovely wife, have also witnessed The Great Griff playing baritone in the British Legion Central Band in Croydon's famous Fairfield Halls. During any rests longer than eight bars, he was scampering around the stage, repairing or adjusting other band members' instruments.

In London and the West Country, Griff is the man.

South Coast, Stephen Howard.

Now will you please take that gun out of my ear, Stephen? ;}

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