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Currently i'm using the circle of fifths to practise my scales. First i practice the C major scale, (with metronome set to 90, doing 8th notes, to get that off-beat feel).
Then i arpeggiate 1-3-5-7, Then i play the dominant scale and add the b7, then arpeggiate. Then the minor scale (down a minor third from the root note of the major scale - then onto the next G maj, rince and repeat. I try to mentally note the various note names (C is one, D is two, E is the third and so forth). Somehow reading chords are no longer voodoo to me anymore, although i still feel like a small Child trying to read pixi books on my own.

The idea is to apply the various formulas over the major key. (Dominant: b7, Ø b3,b5,b7, dim7 b3,b5,bb7, etc)

So forth i'm just practicing one octave, and maybe i should do three of them (playing EWI gives me the possibility to play 8 octaves) - just up and down the scale, kind of dull - but it's working, but not sure if there is a better (faster way to learn this)

What are your take on this approach?

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