Studies Practicing on "the one" of every two measures: a hard metronome study!

Hi, in this Vlog (that continues from the previous one) I explained a way to practice using the metronome.
The goal is improving our time feel, I practice lots of tunes with this method.
The more you practice the more you increase the space between the metronome clicks, but keeping the same BPM:
You start by setting the metronome on 2&4 of every measure, then
on just the one of every meas.
then on the one of every two measures (in this vlog).
I have used "There in no greater love" as a platform for this study.
Of course keeping the time constant becomes harder for us, and ... this is the meaning of this study: strenghten our inner time feel.
Hope you enjoy, subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to be updated, a new vlog every week.
Bye, Fabrizio

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