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Practice rooms in Coventry


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I was invited to an fairly formal audition last night for "Dark Side Of the Wall," a band, that you may remember, I dept for a few months back.
Well the audition went very well and they want me to start with them from their next gig which is on the 29th of this month.
What impressed me the most, was the quality of the practice rooms that they went to. Its Little Heath Rehearsal Rooms at Black Rose Studios and you can find it by following the link. They supplied the amps, the desks, the mikes and the stands. All the equipment was clean and in good condition. All in all, a very pleasant experience.


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Great News Taz ...

Real good to hear Taz ... :welldone

I know you seemed pretty cut up when you stopped playing in your last band ...

All looking good for you again mate ... :cool:

Cheers ...

PS - Your website is looking good mate ...
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