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Colin the Bear

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Burnley bb9 9dn
I must be going slowly insane.

I've just ordered this.

In my defence it will be handy to have in the car and to doodle on when it's quiet at work. I daren't take my sop in case of any damage and the recorder is getting a little old. I don't think I'll be too upset if it gets damaged and there's no moving parts to foul.

Looking at the price for a full highland set, it may mark a new direction in my busking career lol
You know you want a Yamaha plastic treble/tenor/bass recorder as well, don't you? :w00t:

Then some nice wooden recorders - grenadillo or box wood? Maybe pear wood.

Perhaps some baroque recorders at A415?

Then you will need a set of wide bore Renaissance recorders to complete the picture.

Then you need a descant, soprano, sopranino, garklein, great bass, sub bass, sub-contra bass. In each style...

There: I've got your GAS covered for a week or two :thumb:
I'm so glad I bought one for my son. That and a trip to the bagpipe makers, where he realised just how loud and agressive a proper highlind set is have put him right off. Funny thing is, he hadn't blown it for months, but last night he dug it out...

If you decide to go this way, check out the online info - a lot of the cheapo sets of pipes are close to impossible to play. And you end up spending a fortune to get them working.
Same goes for cheap practice chanters , I`ve not tried the G4M ones but i`d be suprised if it was as good in the chanter world as the saxes are here ........

As for recorders, I`m reasonably new to them and my fave is the Sopranino, it`s just so damn pocketable and more playable than the Garklien (a lot cheaper too) . I`ll have to get a pearwood Sopranino at some stage, my Aulos is falling to bits as I got it for £3 secondhand.
Any instrument that has a "drone" pipe has to be purchased and attempted!! Electronic practice bagpipes made by Ross in Canada are also very good. Heed Kevin's bagpipes are often unplayable. A quality set can cost over £1500
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