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Hi guys & gals, I used my PPT8* for the first time at last nights gig, and it was SUPERB!
I used my Berg Larsen 120 2M for a few numbers, and then changed to the PPT for the rest of the half. I loved it, and so did the crowd, which consisted of Spanish musicians and clued up punters. It sounded completely diferent when played "in anger", to the way it does at home (I know this is to be expected, but I was surprised).

Thanks Pete!!!


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Hi Kev,
Yes you're absolutely right. The Berg will stay though, just in case a reed blows out.
The band I played with last night call themselves a cover band (which means mindless coppying). So mindless, that they forgot to tell the leed guitar that the gig was on (guess who got lumbered with trying to make a sax sound like a guitar). I'd had quite a lot of cervaze (well it was free!) and thought I'd made a decent job of it. My wife put me straight on that one!!!
Got to do the gig again tonight, just to keep the organizer happy. I wouldn't mind, but compared to the Spanish bands I play with they are pretty useless, and the "Boozy Brits" like them.

Never mind, as I say the beer's free to musicians, that's why the Spanish come!!
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