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I received my mpc yesterday. Took it to practice with my Martin Indiana. I have to give it a plug, it deserves it. Easy to blow, will play across the spectrum blah blah blah, but what I particularly like is that is cuts quite clear and will rasp too. Its quite expressive, and as said, v important to me, its an easy one to blow.

I had some conversation with Ads lately who very kindly gave me some advice on a Yamaha tenor I am thinking of selling and I said I would wait and try the PPT on it. I have never really like the Yami, though it was my first tenor and I chose it at Woodwind Exchange because it was the only one I could manage to play. I had never blown down a tenor before. But for a long time I have not liked it. I tried it a couple of weeks ago and the same feeling of nothingness came upon me as soon as I began to play. Tried tonight with PPT and am probably going to play it at my gig on Saturday. Have to resist the temptation to become too enthused with the mpc before its really got through its paces, I am inclined to get too carried away with new toys, but its livened up that tired and timid old Yami and maybe it will do the same for me.

My previous is a metal Link. I have played this mpc for ages, even replaced it while ago when I lost my first one. But the PPT appeals to my evolving taste for something less wuffly, ,more strident. I used to use the Jumbo Java, but I have gone off that too. So, PPT is welcome and I am very happy I bought it.

Well that's that.
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