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MPC/Lig FS PPT Tenor Hooligan for sale!

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OK, I have again come to the realisation that I have far too many mouthpieces, so I am having a limited clear out. For sal is one of Pete's PPT Hooligan mouthpieces. It really is a hooligan in terms of volume, but with a medium soft reed it can do ballads too. Selling for what I paiid for it, so another forum member can have a go on this remarkable mouthpiece.

I agree to the rules
Tip opening?
It's a Hooligan, they only come in one tip opening, wide - it's an 11. But the facing curve makes it quite manageable. Have a look at this thread - particularly comments from Nick Wyver
11 is just a number, it could mean anything. Is this an 11 on the Link scale or on
Pete didn't publish the actual measurement on the sale site, he just referred to it as an 11 (a play on that silly film reference to 'our volume goes up to 11'). However, I compared it to an Otto Link 10 which I have, and the PPT is just a smidge wider, so I'd guess it's on the Link scale. I've measured the link at 0.126 and the PPT at 0.133 This was just done with a vernier caliper on a flat of metal, which isn't the most accurate method, but it'll give you an idea.

Equally, though, 0.133 is also just a number, and as Nick said in the review, it isn't that hard a blow. I've had smaller tip opening mouthpieces which are harder to play. It does need a fairly soft reed, though. I used a synthetic Legere Signature 2.25
It's been pointed out to me that there's also been an alto Hooligan, so for the avoidance of doubt, this is a tenor piece.

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