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PPT Tenor and Bari mouthpieces (SOLD)


Oxted, Surrey.
I recently bought a PPT baritone mouthpiece facing 7 and a tenor one facing 7*. I have decided that they are not for me, so you can buy mine and avoid joining a waiting list! Both are boxed and absolutely as new as I always used a patch. The bari one has been used on 4 or 5 rehearsals and the tenor one just play tested for less than an hour. The bari one includes a fabric (Faxx Rovner type) ligature but no cap.

£180 for the bari one & lig and £165 for the tenor one. Postage at cost. Payment by cheque, electronic transfer or Paypal as long as you don't fund it with your credit card.

PM me with any queries. I'm not looking to swap anything at the moment, thanks. These are great mouthpieces with a fantastic sound but I am a rather strange kind of player who plays a lot of classical and I found these took too much adjustment in my playing for the amount that I do.

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