PPT Rhodium MP & PPT HR MP Test.....


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Had the new model PPT ebonite hard rubber 8* tenor mp a few days now and gigged it twice on Saturday.1st was a solo sax wedding gig with backing tracks and the PPT HR purred very very well.I then used it on the full 6 piece wedding band on the night gig.VERY loud and 3 piece section.Well it was great.It can wail and scream.Compared to my rhodium metal PPT the metal has atad more weight to its sound and I put it down to the metal mp being so heavy.Both are very alike of course.I love the faster attack on the PPT HR.Both are very good on reeds.Both as free blowing.Well both are great.Heres a simple 2 sound bites of both piecesRemember I've used the metal PPT a while and the HR PPT only a few days..I just kept it very simple and played this months theme on BOTM,Stardust.No frills and just a tiny bit reverb so very simple takes to hear just there colours so to speak.I am loving both of them and both have there place with me.Heres the 1st clip,the metal PPT....

PPT Rhodium 8* metal tenor mp,
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And heres the new ebonite hard rubber PPT 8* model ,

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