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PPT Onyxite 7* tenor mouthpiece


Here for sale a PPT Onyxite 7* tenor mouthpiece.
I'm selling it for a friend who can't speak English.

The mouthpiece in almost mint conditions.

Here some photos: 001.jpg 002.jpg 007.jpg 009.jpg 011.jpg

Sorry for the crappy quality, I post new photos as soon as possible
The "white dot" are not marks or chips/dings, but natural resin inclusions.

Price: €160 (one hundred and sixty euros) plus shipping, 5% goes to the forum charity fund.
The shipping is generally €8 (eight euros) with internation registred mail (with tracking service).

The price are in EUR... for the price in GBP check out: XE Currency Converter - Live Rates
You save about GBP 35 over a "new" one
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New detailed pics:
(the previous links no longer work)

I tried to put in evidence the "white marks" are resin inclusions and not "dings"... but my camera seamed to not like white translucent subject.
Anyway, the mouthpiece is in almost mint conditions.

I have to say this PPT Onyxite 7* is rather brighter than another PPT Onyxite 8* I used to own (exactely as said on the website: This makes the mouthpiece somewhat more versatile, to me.

New price: €160 (one hundred and sixty euros) including shipping with international registred mail (with tracking service).
5% goes to the forum charity fund (if I sell it through this forum).

EUR 160 is USD 200 or GBP 128 (shipping is included).
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