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PPT Ebonite Tenor


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I want to make this donation in recognition of all the great work @Pete Thomas does and so that someone else can enjoy playing on this excellent PPT tenor mouthpiece.

It was made from ebonite by Morgan Fry, and has a very slim profile, based on the metal PPT, so it is very light in weight. I don't think many were made.

I bought it used and there were already some marks on top of the body where a ligature has scored into the ebonite. But the tip and side rails are in excellent condition and it plays very well.

No tip opening is marked on the piece or on its original packaging tube, but it probably equates to a tenor 9 or 9* (0.120 to 0.125 inches). That sounds big, but the high baffle and excellent facing make it blow more easily than you might think.

No ligature with the piece - maybe Pete or others can advise on what fits and works well with this slim-bodied piece.

I will post it off to the first UK-based person who agrees to pay. Shipped once the funds are confirmed to have arrived with the forum charity funds.

Someone will enjoy this.

PPT Ebonite Tenor from Side.JPG
PPT Ebonite Tenor with Tube.JPG
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