SOLD PPT 9* Onyxite Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece


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I've decided to sell my PPT mouthpiece - a tenor mouthpiece in Onyxite with a 9* tip opening. I have returned to my old Vandoren Metal T95, and don't think I'll be going back the PPT. I put this preference for the old down to the experience of having played it for many more years. If I'd got the PPT first, I'm sure it would still be my main mouthpiece. So rather than keep the PPT in a box, I'm going to let someone else get the benefits of this beautifully designed and crafted mouthpiece.

I've always used a fabric ligature with the PPT, and have used a mouthpiece pull-through to dry it after each playing session. I have always used mouthpiece patches, leaving it with no scratches or marks inside or out.

More information regarding this mouthpiece can be found at

Price: £130 plus £5.50 postage to the UK. I'll donate 5% of the price to Pete's charity.

Please PM me if you're interested.

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