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Belfast - Northern Ireland
Like most Saxophonist's I have a drawer full of mouthpieces and reeds & I would love to know what setup really works for you? I play both Tenor and Alto and occasionary Baritone.

Many thanks, Les.
Berg Larsen 110/2 (I've got both an grained ebonite and a Steel (can't bear to get rid of either) with Rico Plasticover 2.5s, Vandoren V16 2.5 or LaVoz Medium (or occassionally a Rico Jazz Select 2H or 3S) for tenor. Great set up for blues, R&B and, well, general noisiness.
Soprano- Yanagisawa ebonite 7 with LaVoz medium (not really got into experimenting with soprano set ups- As the little sods are so tricky to play anyway I've always played safe and taken an 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' approach).
Tenor - Cannonball Raven, Brancher J29, Java 3 or Jazz select 2H
Bari - John Packer, Yani 7 metal, Java 2.5
Sop - Bauhaus bronze, PPT 7, Java 2

But I wouldn't necessarily say any of them work, as such.......:D
Soprano - Bauhaus Walstein Bronze curvy, PPT 7 mouthpiece.
Soprano - Buescher True Tone straight, Bari Gold 7
Alto - Yanagisawa A6 Oleg Maestro
Alto - Yamaha YAS23, aslo Oleg, or Yanagisawa 7 metal
Tenor - Yanagisawa T992, modified (big baffle) Otto Link STM 10
C Mel - Conn, Brilhart Level Air 9
Baritone - Bauhaus Walstein Bronze, Runyon Smoothbore 10

I'm happy with the way al these work for me.

All used with Rico Jazz Select reeds.

I also have a Bently white curved sop, a John Packer alto, a Buescher Aristocrat (1970s) tenor and, I think, another couple of altos lurking under the bed, none of which get played very much.
Alto -- Buescher Aristocrat (1939), Selmer Soloist D, Rico Royal 2.
Alto -- Yamaha YAS32, Vandoren A27, Rico Royal 2

I've tried several other pieces and reeds but these seem to work as well, or better than anything else.

Hi O.C.V. - I use almost the same setup on Alto - Selmer Soloist E, Rico Royal 2.
This is very interesting, finding out everyones preference.

Soprano: Dukoff D6, LaVoz MH or Vandoren V16 #3
Alto: Dukoff D7, LaVoz MH or Vandoren V16 #3½
Tenor: Rovner Deep-V #8, Plasticcover #4-5 (bari) or Dukoff X8/D8 LaVoz MH/H or Vandoren V16 #3½-4
Baritone: Dukoff D9 (tip open up to c 0.140" and baffle slightly taken down), Plasticcover #3½ or LaVoz M/MH

I decided to use the same mpc, type of reeds and type mouthpieces to make it easier for me. I also use the some saxophone brand/model except for my soprano. I couldn't resist trying a Rovner Deep-V tenor mpc the other year and since then I'm stuck. I'm not playing that much soprano, alto and bari these days. On my other and older saxes I use the original or simular mpc-reeds.
Tenor: Selmer Series 80 Mk. II black/gold; Goodson neck: Dukoff D7 mpc; Rico Plasticover #2 1/2

Soprano: Elkhart 300 gold/silver; Link metal 7*; Rico Plasticover #2 1/2
Haven't done a lot of experimenting, but these seem to work OK for me:

SATB: Rico Royal B7 mouthpieces, Rico Royal 3 reeds.
Sopranino: Yanagisawa 5 metal mouthpiece, Vandoren blue box 3 reeds.
Alto - Martin Indiana and/or nickel plated Conn 6M VIII with ebonite Lawton BB 8* or Jody Jazz HR*7 both with Fibracell soft reeds
Soprano - Lafleur (Amati stencil) with Bari .58 mouthpiece and Fibracell soft reed - not found the perfect sop set up yet..
I currently gig with these:

Bauhaus Walstein curved bronze
Rico Jazz Select 3S filed

If I don't need to be mic'd up then I prefer to use a Yanagisawa S6 with same mpc/reeds.

Keilwerth Shadow
Guardala MBII
RJS 3M filed

Yanagisawa B900
Jody Jazz DV 9
RJS 3M filed

I've also got this lot:

Keilwerth SX90R alto
H L Sax alto
Keilwerth EX90 tenor
Conn Crossbar baritone (on loan)

soprano mouthpieces:
Brancher metal J17
Yanagisawa metal 9
Dukoff M8
Selmer S80 E
Bari ebonite 66

alto mouthpieces:
Rousseau 5R
Roc 5*
Ponzol Vintage 85
Berg Larsen ebonite 110 2 M
Lawton 7* B

tenor mouthpieces:
another Guardala MBII
Lawton 9* LW
Law Buzzer 8*
Runyon Quantum metal 16
Selmer Soloist E
Francois Louis T285 SP
Mouthpiece Cafe Jerry Bergonzi Supreme 7*

baritone mouthpieces:
Runyon Quantum plastic 12
Berg Larsen Steel 115 1 SMS
Selmer S80 D
Meyer 9M
PPT 8*
Hi Nick, What a collection of mouthpieces and Instruments - Its amazing the amount of kit many players have accummulated over the years!

I have, of course, got rid of far more stuff in the past than the current collection holds.
Hi Les!

My main set-ups:

Soprano Sax: Bauhaus Walstein Curved Bronze
Soprano Planet Via Coro mpc
Marc Jean lig
Marca Jazz 3

Alto Sax: Selmer Ref 54 Matt
Phil-Tone Aurora mpc (for Jazz), Phil-Tone Meridian mpc (for Contemporary, Pop, Funk).
Marc Jean lig
Rigotti Gold 2.5 (for Jazz), Alexander NY 2 (Pop etc.).

Tenor Sax: System 54 Superior Powerbell Unlacquered
Saxscape Live mpc.
Marc Jean lig.
Marca Jazz 2.5

Soprano mouthpieces:

Vandoren V16 S6
Berg Larsen Ebonite 70/1

Alto mouthpieces:

Phil-Tone Solstice
Runyon Quantum Metal
Mouthpiece Cafe NY Cafe Bros.
Vandoren Jumbo Java A55
Barkley Pop 8
Saxscape Hudson Custom
Clark Fobes Debut
Bari Esprit II
Rico Royal B5
Runyon 22

Tenor mouthpieces:

Phil-Tone Eclipse
Phil-Tone Equinox
Saxscape Downtown
Saxscape Hudson
Mouthpiece Cafe House Blend
Berg Larsen 95/1 Stainless Steel
Phil Barone Vintage
Rico Royal C7

I also have a BW Straight Bronze with improved keywork,
ans a Buffet 400 Antique Matt alto.
I think Nick & Tom need to hold a Mpc boot sale, i'd be like a child in a sweet shop :)))
T992 Yanni, Selmer soloist "D" V16 reeeds 2's
YTS62 Yam, Mark Spencer 7*, V16 reeds 2's
A901 Yanni, yanni metal 5*, Jazz Select 2m's

My list is

Selmer mark VI,Custom Signature RAW,Mauriat System 76, Vintage Regent silver plate.
Mouthpieces are RPC 80B,RPC 90R,Drake vintage resin NYJA 7,Vintage Selmer Soloist D,
Vintage 40s Berg 90,
Runyon Quantum delrin 10,Runyon Smoothbore 8.
Reeds Hartmanns Fiberreed carbon and carbon classic M

Howarths Chiltern black plate
Mouthpieces are Vintage 40s Berg 105,Link STM EB 8*,Runyon Quantum Delrin 9.
Reeds Legere Signature 2.5

Yani SC 901 black plate.
Mouthpieces are Handmade Eric Drake HR 7,Lebayle LR 7.
Reeds Fibracell 2 or 2.5


Yani SN981.
Mouthpieces are Yani metal 7,Yani HR 5 opened to a 7 by Lawrie Waldron.
Reeds Legere Eb clarinet 2.5


King Silver plate
Mouthpieces as above mainly tenor but sometimes alto.

Various Flutes and Whistles
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