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Possibly for sale in near future- Buffet RC Clarinet


Woodbridge, Suffolk
Hi all,

Just wondering if it would be worth it/ viable to sell a Buffet RC Bb Clarinet that I bought as a back up whilst mine went in for repairs/ as a spare etc. Looking to gains some funds for the illusive Bass Clarinet that im sill after.

It's an older model- I think dates to 1980 odd (will get exact date when reference the Serial No.)

Good Condition- Well maintained with minimal scuff's to the wood, plating all in order too. No cracks whatsoever.
Nice warm tone- what you'd expect from a pro Buffet.
If anyone is interested PM me, like I said- May not be available until end of the year or so, just thought i'd use it for a bit longer.

Looking for around £1000 mark, but can negotiate, a usual donation would be made if sold here.

Ill try and answer all questions ASAP.

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