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Falmouth Cornwall
Went to see them last night at a tiny venue in Constantine in Cornwall.

The place was packed to capacity to see the sensational foursome play selected tracks from their début album 'Knee deep in the north sea' and many as yet untitled track from their new album due in the Autumn.

They were extremely tight and well rehearsed with the unique sound of the 'Hang' a kind of inverted steel drum type instrument giving them at times a Steve Reich minimalistic feel and at others a Caribbean flavour.

I obviously went to listen to the soprano sax of Jack Wyllie and I was very impressed by his playing but I was completely blown away but the sheer mastery and inventiveness of the bass player Milo Fitzpatrick who was one of the best players I have ever seen on any instrument.

All in all a good gig and i would recommend seeing them if you get the chance. This is the start of a UK tour so they should be near you somewhere.


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Skabertawe, South Wales
Sounds like a great night - I bought the CD a couple of months ago, and would play it more, but my focus is elsewhere at present (Button Free Tenor music of various sorts and Arve Henriksen - he's playing at the Hay Festival at the end of May!).

Kind regards

Young Col

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Coulsdon, London/Surrey
Sounds like a good night Mamos and thanks for writing it up.
I know North Cornwall better than South so I thought at first the gig was at Constantine Bay, which is small! But I see Constantine village is actually quite near you, and in local terms, almost Brill!


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Am proud to say that I taught both Milo and Jack, not only are they lovely players they are both wonderful people. Am sure I put it up here but (just coz I want everybody to see them) here is a youtube vid of a gig I did with them last month.

The whole gig was made so easy by the fact that they write great tunes!

Keep supporting them, I know that they still have to work their backsides off just to make ends meet.

By the way, Jools - go and say hello to them when you see them in Brighton next week, they always have time for everybody who talks to them about music.


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