Please share your Jazz thoughts!!!


Hello everyone. :)
So, at my high school we have FINALLY gotten our Jazz Band back. After one of our directors left, we got a new one that didn't really like Jazz Band, then when he quit and our current director came in, our current director thought Jazz Band was VERY important. :welldone Yay!
Personally, being a saxophonist, Jazz is something that I take very seriously. I was exposed to Jazz music when I was 12, (about four years ago) and ever since then I have had this deep love for Jazz.
So, since I found this awesome site FULL of amazing sax knowledge, I wanted to get some opinions.
Tell me what you guys think of Jazz, and PLEASE feel free to share tips! I could use them!
Thanks everyone, and God bless.
Hey Taylor,

The best tip I can provide is play as much as you can and listen as much as you can.

There is a lot of resources nowadays with YouTube, CDs, downloads to view and listen to - check out the greats from the beginning of the jazz era circa 1920s like Sidney Bechet to Johnny Hodges, Coleman Hawkins through the 1930s, 1940s, through to the 21st century like Chris Potter, etc.

Don't restrict yourself to saxophone players, listen to piano players, trumpet players, clarinet players, guitar players, vocalists, drummers, etc...

Check out people like Louis Armstrong, probably the single most important person in jazz and probably popular music since the 1920s - if it wasn't for Louis you wouldn't have the likes of Justine Beaver, Kathy Parry and Lady GigerCounter today.

Listen to other forms of music as well, world music, country, bluegrass (some of these banjo players like Hendrix or Coltrane), rock, pop...

There's a lot of opportunities out there in the world - grab them with both hands and give them a big shake.

Good luck...

Greg S.
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