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please comment - tenderly - my first improv.


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I enjoyed that, well done.

Only a couple of comments,
1) it sounds a bit like you recorded this on a plane or something! Think you should move the mic closer but turn the gain down (sound tech types will no doubt correct me)
2) I get the feeling listening to this that you're playing in a slightly nervous fashion, it seems that you're driving the speed a little - if I were you I'd let the pianist dictate the tempo (for this tune anyway), and try to make your playing sound a bit lazier in rhythm - maybe hit the important notes of the phrases but you can afford to be a bit more restrained on the second and fourth quavers for instance. The song's called 'Tenderly', and should probably be a bit more lullaby-ish, so rigid tempo isn't very necessary? It sounds like you're trying to achieve this in some of the phrases but it's still coming across as if you're reading (very accurately!) a transcribed improvisation. Change some of those quavers into triplet crotchets and maybe hold back a few last notes of the phrase for 2/3 of a beat and you'll sound very cool indeed.

Hope that's helped,


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Hi Daniel

Liked it very much, thought you did a good job with it, and I agree with Saxnik's comments I don't know if you were reading it as you went or playing from memory, I think you should always try to make the tune your own and go where the tune takes you, that's what I do anyway, I go with the flow as it were and do something a little different each time I play a tune not always intentional perhaps but hey who cares

I'm hoping to post some of my stuff soon for every body to laugh at so enjoy it when it happens...john:w00t:


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Finally got a peaceful moment to listen to this. Keep at it, sounds good! Agree the other comments - sounds a touch tight in places. Relax and let it flow....
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