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Beginner Playing with a Jody Jazz HR* 5m and Fibracell reeds?


I would like to know if anyone has this combination, because i see a difference, and i hear a difference too.

If anyone has tried a Jody Jazz HR* MPC, mine is a 5M, together with FIbracell, 1.1/2 strength for alto...and if by chance you bought also another Fibracell for your tenor, you may have seen/tried as i did.

I saw, my Fibracell 1.1/2 alto reed, just covering the opening of the Mpc, i had to tioghten my embouchure to get a clear note.

Then i remembered i read somewhere, someone did try in a context, i can't recall, and tried the tenor Fibracell, on the JJ alto MPC....!!!! Revelation this one...

First the width of the tenor reed, fits perfectly to cover the width of the alto MPC, as it happens with the alto RJS select ones.
Secondly i get to loosen/relax my enbouchure, and play without forcing air.
Thirdly i get a full/ round and yea, what i like the most...a darker tone as well...

Am i doing something really wrong, or sinful? sounds so nice.


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Skabertawe, South Wales
I was setting up my tenor last night and had accidently attached my tenor reed to one of my Phil-Tone Alto mouthpieces rather than the Phil-Tone Tenor mpc that I intended to use, simply noticing that the reed seemed much longer than normal. I did not try it but was amazed at the close fit. Some folks have reported using Bari reeds on Tenor - Old Git is one, from memory, so get on and do what you do if it works for you! :thumb:

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Victoria, BC
An old trick indeed. Jeff Coffin uses tenor reeds on alto. When I used to play alto I played a super wide tipped piece with a softish tenor reed and it worked for me. I happen to think though that this is in a way trying to fatten up the sound with a band-aid so to speak and that the benefits of using the proper reed for your instrument are greater. Unless you are Jeff Coffin. Then you can do whatever you want.

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